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About JulNoWriMo

What is JulNoWriMo? - JulNoWriMo (July Novel Writing Month) is a writing contest identical to NaNoWriMo. The goal: to write 50,000 words in only a month, roughly 175 pages of writing. The whole purpose of this is to prove that you really CAN write a book! Most novels are never written because the writer never bothers to find the time to do it. Now is your chance.

Why not just wait until November? - Simple answer: we can't. For some of us, November was a hectic time and we never got the chance to write that story evolving in our brains! For the rest of us, we just crave to write more. We're insane.

Does it have to be a new novel, or can I continue my other novel? - As far as we're concerned, this shouldn't matter. If you want to finish a novel you're already working on, great! Just write 50,000 more words. :-)

When does JulNoWriMo begin and end? - It begins promptly at midnight on July 1st (your local time). Your fingers can start pounding on the keys any time after that. JulNoWriMo ends on August 1st at midnight, so your last real day to write is the 31st. This is an advantage over NaNoWriMo because you get one extra day!

How can I sign up? - There is no signup! This web site is no longer actively maintained, but please feel free to follow other writers during the month of July on Twitter using the #JulNo and #JulNoWriMo hashtags!

Am I required to verify my word count? - We trust you if you say that you won. If you say you've written 50,000 or more words and are lying, the only person you are really hurting is yourself.

Wait, where do I even post my word count? - All word counts are stored in your member profile on the forums. You can update your word count by editing your profile. (Note: As of 2015, the forums are now archived and no longer maintained.)