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Resources - June Writing Prompts

June is the month to start planning your novel and getting those keys warmed up, and these prompts will hopefully provide a source of inspiration to get the gears rolling. A special thanks goes to Colonia for sending us a dozen prompts because we were falling dearly behind!

(Check out our random word prompt generator for a bit more spontanaeity!)

June 30th Prompt
Are you prepared for July? Briefly summarize your planned novel (you have been planning, haven't you?) into 2,000 words or less.

June 29th Prompt
Make up your own prompt day. Also known as write about whatever comes to your head.

June 28th Prompt
If you could choose to be somebody else for a day, who would you be and what would you do?

June 27th Prompt
You're lost in London. The year is 1836. Write about some of the adventures that you might possibly run into. (If you want, you can choose to be lost in a different city.)

June 26th Prompt
Summer's here. What is your favorite season? Your least favorite? What is it about them that makes you like/hate them so much?

June 25th Prompt
Have you ever thought your house was haunted? What were some of the things that happened that made you think this way?

June 24th Prompt
Write a short story about a planet beyond the galaxy and the things that lived on it.

June 23th Prompt
What genre of writing do you like to write? Why?

June 22nd Prompt
Write a story using these three words: lizard, onion, bicycle.

June 21st Prompt
If you knew you had exactly 24 hours to live, how would you spend the last few hours of your life? Where would you go? Who would you talk to?

June 20th Prompt
If you were walking in the woods and came upon a snake, what would you do? Would you kill it? Scream and run away? Watch it until it moved off? Pick it up? What if it was poisonous (or what if you didn't know)?

June 19th Prompt
Think back to your favorite vacation. Why is it your favorite? What happened that made it so much more memorable than the others?

June 18th Prompt
What sort of things do you you all use to motivate yourself? Is it music? Is it a good work out? Is it reading the morning newspaper?

June 17th Prompt
I got the "new" Alanis Morisette CD yesterday and I am absolutely loving it, though I'm not sure if I would call it a "soundtrack" to my novel, it definitely has style and is beautiful music. So, in that vein, if you could create the perfect writing CD (or set of CDs) what music would you write to?

June 16th Prompt
Write 750 words on what your favorite style of writing is, or your character's favorite style of writing. Why is this your favorite? What is it about this style of writing that suits you? Have you ever considered writing in a different style? What style would you choose?

June 15th Prompt
In 1000 words (or more if you wish), write about the perfect place to write. What does it feel like? What does it smell like? Is it padded? Is it sheathed in satin? Is it quiet, is it noisy? Does it have the endless supply of coffee and chocolate?

June 14th Prompt
Describe what a personified version of love would look like.

June 13th Prompt
Propose an alternate, extended ending to a fairy-tale that you felt had an absolutely terrible ending. If you cannot think of one, pretend that you HATE the ending of Goldilocks (I sure know I do), and think of an alternate ending for it.

June 12th Prompt
Describe what you think that dying would be like, in the most vivid detail possible. (Many novels include character deaths and deal with death, so becoming familiar with your own perception of death can be extremely useful.)

June 11th Prompt
What is the dullest writing prompt that you have ever come across, and how did/would you attempt to answer it to make it more interesting?

June 10th Prompt
Describe a person that you know (or an imaginary or fictional character that you know well) without using a single character adjective (like kind, creative, sport-y, fun-loving, et cetera. You can use other adjectives, like numbers, colours, et cetera, but no adjectives that describe human character.)

June 9th Prompt

June 8th Prompt
Write a short story-ette about something that happened to you or somebody you know that involved chapstick. Extra points for specific brands and flavours.

June 7th Prompt
A little girl named Helen is wandering through the woods alone when she comes across a large wooden box. She opens the box. What does she find inside?

June 6th Prompt
What is the best/most interesting/most creative excuse that you have ever used for turning in your homework late?

June 5th Prompt
If you only had one day left to see/listen/touch/taste/smell, what would you see/hear/touch/taste/smell? Pick ONE sense, and use lots of sensory detail.

June 4th Prompt
Think of a character from any piece of literature that got you extremely excited to read about him or her, like, you wanted to run away with said character and be his or her best friend forever. What things caused you to like this character so much? Strengths? Flaws?

June 3rd Prompt
Pick a colour, and write about how you would describe this colour to a person who has never seen anything in his or her entire life.

June 2nd Prompt
If you could write a letter to one person who signed your high school year book to tell them what they have meant to you, what would you write? If you are still in high school, write a letter to that friend where you think they will be in ten years.

Extra credit if you actually send it!

June 1st Prompt
Describe, in detail, the feeling that you had the very first time you were kissed. Was it wet? Was it sloppy? Was it dry and scary? Was it your grandmother? 500+ words should about do it! Keep up your word counts!